Lawyer Boris Kozjak

Constitutional law and human rights

As a law firm specializing in constitutional law, we provide our clients with the services of interpreting constitutional norms, consulting and protecting their fundamental rights and freedoms. Our purpose is to ensure legal certainty, fairness and protection of clients' interests in accordance with constitutional principles and regulations.

Legal areas related to property and contracts

- Commercial law and due diligence
- Land registry law and real estate.
- Traffic law, insurance law, compensation for traffic damage from liability insurance.

Inheritance law, especially with an international element and the composition of wills

We offer personalized legal services and work with clients to ensure that their intentions and wishes are reflected in legal documentation that will be recognized and implemented in accordance with relevant international and national succession law regulations.

Our service covers all stages of the asylum procedure, including providing legal advice and representation in proceedings before the competent authorities. We help clients in obtaining asylum, preparing the necessary documentation and properly conducting the procedure.

Criminal law and defense in criminal and misdemeanor proceedings

Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring a fair trial, providing an adequate defense and complying with all legal norms in criminal and misdemeanor cases.

Contract law - conclusion of the contract

- Sales contracts
- Gift contracts
- Lifetime alimony contract
- Agreement on life support
- Social contracts on the establishment of commercial companies